How do I earn money on CPAcrazy?
There are plenty of ways to earn at CPAcrazy. The most popular way is to share links to link or content lockers. The link locker (and content locker) is a page that offers access to a hidden file or hidden link in exchange for the visitor's interaction with an ad. When the visitor interacts with an advertisement of their choice, the user will gain access to the content. We have over 5000 advertisements that are free for you to share and earn, no website required!

Another great way to earn money is to intergrate our offerwall within your site.

If you have no idea how to promote/market it, visit our HELP page!

What is the minimum payment amount for cash out?
The minimum payment amount for cash out is $ 5 (Paypal, Skrill) and $ 50 for Wire transfers.

When and how will I get paid?
Payments are made at the beginning of each month (up to 10th in the month for earnings from the previous month) via Paypal, Skrill and Wire.
For any publishers with high quality traffic, we will be happy to adjust the payment terms for quicker payments.

Do you have a sample offerwall link so i can check out some of the offers you have?
Follow this OfferWall link and You'll see only offers avaible for you (GEO and Device Targeted).

Once a member, you can see all of them and disable/enable each offer as you like...

How do i can track links?
Publisher can track their links (for facebook campaigns, social media,...)
For ex, the offer link will be http://cpacrazy.com/click.php?camp=4956&pubid=3&
You can add sid2=facebook at the end of the url so it will look like: http://cpacrazy.com/click.php?camp=4956&pubid=3&sid2=facebook
And the tracking will be displayed in SubId report in their publisher panel.
We support sid to sid5 respectively.

How to use the content locker with Blogger?
The default code does not work on blogger.com
Contact us and we'll send you the code.

Some of the offers are not working and/or some of them are to similar?
Some of the offers are sometimes not displayed properly, and there is a many reasons.
Most often, your browser blocks them (popop, redirect ...) or free antivirus programs (Avast, etc.).
All our offers are carefully reviewed and we guarantee that they are 100% safe and secure.
After all, any offer you do not like can be disabled (dashbord-campaigns-disable).

Why I'm not credited for successful lead?
All leads are manually reviewed. Once approved (within a few hours) you and your users will be instantlly credited.

My question is not listed here!
Do not hesitate to Contact Us, please.